How to Securely Share Files Between Companies

Invoices, agreements, plans pictures, videos, designs, datasheets and many more — every business has tons of files that need to be shared. But sharing files doesn’t come without its challenges. When it comes time to share files, there are a lot of obstacles. These include large size files, formats that aren’t compatible and formats, slow uploading and downloading speeds, timed links and security threats.

When working with clients, third-party companies and vendors, it’s crucial to secure sensitive information when transferring files. Recent incidents of data breaches have made more imperative for companies to reconsider their relationships with external organizations. It’s important that you consider the security of any file sharing tool or service before you implement it for your employees.

The right file-sharing software can make it easier for you to send and receive files, whether you’re sending them to a customer or an outside vendor. Below are a few ways to securely send files and get feedback, all in one location.


FileCloud is a robust, enterprise-grade solution for collaboration and sharing files. It’s easy to personalize FileCloud with your company’s logo, colors, and more to create an enterprise branded file-sharing platform. This can help build brand recognition and makes it more convenient for look what i found your employees to use. You can also create an admin dashboard, user-portals and custom messages to fit your company’s requirements. Find out more about how FileCloud can help you streamline your workflow here.

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