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death note main characters


His name is also mentioned in L: Change the WorLd as the leader of an arms syndicate who deals with the mafia. She appears in the drama adaptation under the alias Shōko Himura (日村 章子). He found the process of aging Takada difficult because he could not get the design to "look like her." Knowing that it was Misa's final day, he watches with her, interested in how she will die. Where do you affiliate yourself? Unmarked spoilers ahead! Yitzak Ghazanin (Isak Gathane (イサク・ガザン, Isaku Gazan?) Ohba created the characters as "stock villains intended to make the main characters look good." Death Note: 10 Hidden Details About The Main Characters In The Anime Everyone Missed. Filled with hatred towards Kujo for causing her father's death, Maki injected herself with the virus and was about to kill Kujo (and herself was going to get shot too) when L rescued her, taking her and Near out of the headquarters and managed to flee from the terrorists with the help of FBI agent Hideaki Sugura. Kyosuke Higuchi is the third "Kira", receiving the Death Note from Rem, who was instructed to give it to a "greedy", "forceful", and "selfish" individual who would use the Death Note to attain a higher status that was out of his reach. This page was last edited on 18 January 2021, at 13:59. Cautious at first, she uses the false name Shoko Maki (間木 照子, Maki Shōko) in order to protect herself until she can reach L. However, Light manages to manipulate her into revealing her real name to him resulting in her death by suicide. Teru Mikami (魅上 照, Mikami Teru?) "[17], According to Obata, he drew Wedy as a female model as he did not know what kind of character she would be. When deciding that the patterns looked "too pretty" Obata covered the patterns with black, leaving the white portions visible. Similar to L's fondness for sweets, he is often seen eating bars of chocolate. Misa Amane is a popular Japanese idol, who is known for her Gothic-style of dress, hyperactive personality and devotion to Light, falling in love with him after he kills her parents' murderer. "[72] Shiori is dubbed by Ashleigh Ball for the English dub of Death Note. IGN's Tom S Pepirum liked how Mikami's backstory and his strong sense of justice stood out to other viewers regarding concepts brought to life unlike that of Light who didn't have that kind of perspective.[21]. He is voiced by Hideo Ishikawa in the Japanese anime and Brian Dobson in the English dub. Shusuke Kaneko, director of the film, said that he created Shiori after reading the original Death Note manga. Patricia Kaye Jallorina . One day, Ryuk, bored by the shinigami lifestyle and interested in seeing how a human would use a Death Note, drops one into the human realm. Michael Dobson provides the English voice. Halle is a former CIA agent who leaks information to Mello in order to increase the chances of Kira being caught. I'll pick the best answer so please answer & thank you for your time;) Source(s): death note main character: https://biturl.im/X3mJr. [39], In the live-action films her character, played by Asaka Seto and voiced by Nicole Oliver in the English dub, plays a larger role in the story. [61] Many of the SPK are later killed with the Death Note by the mafia due to leaked information, which is never directly mentioned in the anime (in the Rewrite 2 special aired on Japanese television on August 22, 2008, the mafia are omitted, with Light instead blackmailing the US President to leak out info about the SPK, which is transmitted to Takada and Mikami, whom he then has kill the SPK). While they realize that one of them is Kira, they do not know which one. ), whose real name is Mail Jeevas (マイル・ジーヴァス, Mairu Jīvasu? Maki then contacted Kujo to meet her alone at the harbour where she planned to murder Kujo to avenge her father's death. "[59], The Vice President of Marketing, Arayoshi Hatori is the illegitimate son of the company president and uses this fact to benefit himself. He felt that "it's better" that the switch occurred. High school student and prodigy Light Yagami stumbles upon the Death Note … Ohba said that he had always planned for Light to regain his status as Kira, so the specifics of a certain member of the Yotsuba group being Kira would not matter to the plot; Ohba wanted the readers to guess which of the characters was Kira. Whilst Code Geass, the main character is more up against the whole nation of the opposing country, mainly the varying nobles that appear throughout the series. In the director's cut of Death Note, Mido dies by falling from a tall building, Shimura dies by being run over by a train, and Namikawa dies in a car accident. Sayu Yagami is Light's kindhearted younger sister. While Light is certainly a cool character, he came off as the usual charismatic fuckboy. Even throwing in a few evil chuckles for good measure." [8] Matsuda is voiced by Ryō Naitō in the Japanese anime and Vincent Tong in the English dub. In the film series, Soichiro, portrayed by Takeshi Kaga, survives - discovering that Light is Kira and holding him as he dies - but chooses to hide the knowledge from his family. During L's probe on the group, Higuchi kills Hatori after Hatori produced a "careless outburst. Mello escapes the bombing but she dies. In the Spin-Off Matsuda short film, Sanami tries to help Touta Matsuda and passes him a note from Soichiro Yagami. Shimura's ability to pay attention to small details allowed him to join the meetings; he noticed subtle changes in "poker-faced" Namikawa's face. [25] During L's probe on the group, Higuchi kills Hatori after Hatori produced a "careless outburst. The older version of the character is voiced by Maaya Sakamoto, although the voice actress for the English dub did not change. When she is arrested, Light kills her in order to regain ownership of the Note, although his action goes unnoticed by the other investigators. He is portrayed by Narushi Fukuda in L: Change the World and by Mio Yūki in the television drama. Because Light has given up his Death Note, making his lifespan visible above his head, Soichiro dies believing that Light is not Kira. How to Read 13 describes Sairas as "weak-willed" and "clearly lacking as a leader."[59]. Natt Wolff as Light Turner. Light Yagami (夜神月, Yagami Raito) is the main protagonist of the Death Note series. Natt Wolff as Light Turner. Ohba said that Halle, who has a "strong core", wanted to capture Kira as the Yotsuba Kira killed an acquaintance "close to her." His name is easily known, so Light kills him. Obata said that he wishes that he could have drawn Aiber to be "more comedic." [55] Kitty Sensei of OtakuZone had her opinions of the film portrayal of Shiori published in The Star, a Malaysian newspaper. While Mikami attempts suicide and bleeds to death in the anime, he dies in prison in the manga. As a Death Note owner and the second Kira, she has the Shinigami Eyes, which allow her to see nearly everyone's name and lifespan. Netflix’s Death Note Whitewashed Its Main Character; Social Media Isn’t Here for It. Seeing Dr Nikaido succumbing to the virus, Kujo incinerated the laboratory which Nikaido was in, leaving him to die in the room. Misa uses her status as the second Kira to get him to admit to being Kira on tape. Ohba said that he wanted for Mido to appear to be "the most suspicious" of the Yotsuba group. Obata added that "things were a little haphazard at this point..." His birthday is June 7, 1982. Osoreda forces the driver to stop the bus and then runs into the street, where an automobile hits Osoreda's head, killing him; the authorities mistakenly believe that Osoreda's vision of Ryuk was a drug-induced hallucination.[68]. In the first film, Shibuimaru is a criminal who was never prosecuted for killing five children. His birthday is April 29, 1939. He is the holder of Sidoh's Death Note after it is given to the gang by the Kira investigation team. Once Light hears about this, he uses a piece of the Death Note of his own to make her commit suicide. A, the original successor to L,Script error: No such module "Unsubst". After being imprisoned for his crimes, Mishima is freed from confinement by a dying Ryuzaki, who appoints a remorseful Mishima as his successor. In contrast to Misa's wardrobe, he gave Takada formal clothing to go with her job as a newscaster. An unseen character in the main series, the Shinigami King governs the Shinigami and controls distribution of the Death Notes. She was designed based on the shinigami Sidoh.[74]. I tried my best to make the quiz fun and unpredictable! While Mikami dies in prison after going insane in the manga, he commits suicide by stabbing himself with his pen in the anime. He constantly plays with toys, building towers of dice and playing cards, and illustrating his exposition with small finger puppets and Lego minifigs. Takuo Shibuimaru, nicknamed "Shibutaku" (シブタク, "Cool Taku"), is the second person that Light kills. ), named Yuji Demegawa (出目川 裕志, Demagawa Yūji?) He is the eldest and "most influential" member and he "appears" to control the conferences. Ohba said that he let Obata create the character designs and asked him to make both characters look "a little "L-ish". Rester is voiced by Masaki Aizawa in Japanese with Michael Adamthwaite providing the English voice. Kanzo Mogi is one of the most dedicated members of the Kira investigation team, but also one of the most reserved. 254917 Obata said that for Justin's body he referenced Tibetan art that features skulls. Osoreda empties his ammunition into Ryuk, who does not die. repeatedly to himself while writing in the Death Note, which Tsugumi Ohba felt made him more interesting. Death Note may have not been the first anime to make the villain the main character, but it is by far the most popular anime to do so. He uses his last breath to smoke his cigarette. When a man asks Shibuimaru how he felt, Shibuimaru brags about his acquittal and laughed at the fact that parents of his victims screamed when they discovered the acquittal. He initially leads the Kira investigation team that later joins with L. When L begins to suspect Light of being Kira, Soichiro is unwilling to believe his son would be capable of such a thing. Comment. Main Characters. Ide later returns and plays a relatively minor role in the Kira investigative team. She is even willing to sacrifice her life to defend Misa, as evidenced by her threat to kill Light should Misa die before her time. This ultimately leads to a confrontation between the two towards the end of the series, in which Soichiro, blaming himself and having instructed his colleagues to assume Light's guilt if he should die, writes his own name in the Death Note before trying to burn it as his final act. ), one of L's detective aliases, during the investigation of the Yotsuba Group. A shinigami, as a god of death, can kill any person—provided they see their victim's face and write their victim's name in a notebook called a Death Note. "[10] Obata described Sidoh as "very funny," citing the time when Sidoh becomes the first Shinigami to distribute flyers. "[21] Obata felt that he did not put much thought into Takada's university student design because he has difficulty designing female characters. In addition, Sairas leaks secret information about the SPK. "[10] Obata said that he liked Ide because he could understand the mental process of Ide leaving and rejoining the team. Here's a breakdown of Death Note's main characters and the actors who will be playing their roles. Obata said that Medusa inspired the design of Rem's head.[9]. Ohba added that Near's "cheeky behavior", intended to "reinforce his childishness", had been construed as "annoying". Soon, the police get involved, and Taro uses an eraser to revive the dead bullies. Given that there was no mention of Near's family or parents, it is possible that they died due to the virus or from other causes prior to the film, effectively making Near an orphan. She tells him that he will continue his work in a fake book made to look like the real one. [42], Wedy uses her initial in computer communication; to avoid confusion with Watari ("W"), she deliberately uses the lowercase form, "w". Death Note had a lot going on throughout the show, so it's very possible that you missed some of these while watching, By Stephanie Marceau Sep 12, 2019. Site owners. He attempts to kill himself to avoid capture, but Watari uses his expert marksmanship to shoot the gun out of his hand. She returns to the shinigami realm after the Kira case solved. After receiving a telephone call from Light he ceases participation and observes the scenario. Obata believes that if he drew Aiber and Wedy to look "a little bit more original", Ohba could have included the characters in a larger role in Death Note.[46]. Higuchi was chosen through the process of elimination, using his greed as a criterion to fit the Yotsuba Kira's mold. When the attack fails, President Hoope commits suicide to prevent Mello from writing his name and making him launch a nuclear strike. Obata said that he created the characters "in the mold of The Seven Samurai" by giving each Yotsuba board member his own individual appearance. [1] The story follows the novel of a character named Light Yagami, who uses the notebook he found in order to cleanse the world of those humans which he deemed unfit for society. Cite error: The named reference "HTR191" was defined multiple times with different content (see the, "Takeshi Obata Production Note: Characters. [39] Watari is Obata's third favorite human character because he likes older characters and that because Watari "seemed to be hiding a lot of ability" and "had depth. As an example he explained a scenario involving Light controlling Wedy, making her place cameras in the headquarters so Misa could see L's face "... or something. T The story follows the novel of a character named Light Yagami, who uses the notebook he found in order to cleanse the world of those humans which he deemed unfit for society. He initially leaves when he disagrees with L's methods. In the film, he is played by Tatsuhito Okuda. Obata decided to keep him as an old man because he believed older characters were more fun to draw than younger ones because of the "weird angles" that could be created with their wrinkles, while younger characters may be designed as "attractive, normal, or ugly." Created by: Ver Katase says that she and the film Takada have "a strong sense of justice", but that Katase personally would not kill anyone based on those ideals.[23]. Obata then said that Near must have created the other puppets afterward. After L's death, he was asked to join forces with Mello, who refused (it is explained that Near lacks the emotional insight to beat L, while Mello is too emotional and impulsive). After Light reveals how he had committed his murders and cleared himself of being "Kira" and tries to convince his father that what he did was the "lesser of two evils", James asks him if what he did was really a good thing either, while elsewhere, L finds a hidden page of the Death Note and contemplates writing Light's name in it.[24]. Masataka Kubota stars as Light Yagami and Kento Yamazaki as L. The story includes many notable changes from the original manga series: Light is no longer an honor student, and Misa Amane, Near, and Teru Mikami are introduced in the first episode. Demegawa also leads the raid on Near's headquarters with Kira's supporters, but like all the other rioters, is distracted by the money that Near throws down. [5] Matt is Mello's helper[5] as Matt performs espionage work and acts as an accomplice in Takada's kidnapping, which results in his death when he is shot by Takada's bodyguards. [33] His birthday is May 11, 1969. So let me know how it is! [51] Ohba said that he considered having all of the Task Force members die "in a heroic way. or BB, a character exclusive to the Death Note prequel novel, "Death Note Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases", is a crazed serial murderer bent on surpassing L - not by being the world's greatest detective, but by being the world's greatest criminal. Her birthday is July 12, 1985. [47], Obata said that he felt excited when he learned that he had to draw eight Kira characters. She shared a close bond with her father's assistant Dr Kimiko Kujo (also known as K) before the murder of her father. Manga Roles. Ohba added that he created the profiles of the characters while eating dinner with the editor. He (like Wedy) is referenced to, but does not appear in, Death Note: Another Note. In the live-action films, her character is portrayed by actress Hikari Mitsushima, and since the mafia does not play a role, she is not kidnapped. He has a habit of chewing on his thumb and holds things delicately. in the Japanese version) is the Vice President of the United States in the manga version. After they met Dr Nikaido's lab partner Matsudo and ask for his help to create the antidote, Matsudo, who was initially reluctant due to a past incident of an accidental death as a result of his creations, finally relented and agreed to do the job after hearing L's persuasion. Obata added that Wedy has the "stereotypical female spy look." At a later point he helps Near create the SPK. Gevanni skillfully follows and monitors suspects and has abilities such as the skill of picking locks. "[34], According to Obata, his editor told him that Aiber was a "sarcastic, comic relief" character. Ohba said that he "wavered" in their ages and considered making the characters the sons of L. Ohba added that he did not initially develop their personalities as he wanted to "reveal" them through their actions. L suspects that Light is Kira almost from the beginning, but cannot confirm his suspicions (although they are right), due to his death. How to Read states that Rester's "quiet personality" and physical capabilities serve useful functions in the SPK. In the Japanese Rewrite 2 special, Light's meeting with Takada and Mikami is moved to earlier than it occurred in the anime and manga, as the mafia plot is omitted. Kanzo Mogi (模木 完造, Mogi Kanzō?) Somehow, Maki did not show any symptoms even after she had injected herself with the virus; this led to the terrorists to speculate that Maki may have the antidote injected inside her. He assists L in investigating the Japanese police and withdraws FBI involvement after the agents die. The cleverness of the series still hasn't lost its charm even after 15 years. When the attack fails, President Hoope commits suicide to prevent Mello from writing his name and making him launch a nuclear strike. His supposed immunity to the virus also contributed to the antidote-making process by him providing his blood and thus leading to a positive outcome. While the two meet, Takada receives a call from Mikami and Light reveals himself to Mikami as Kira. [22], In the film, she is played by Nana Katase, filling the "Higuchi" role in the film. Natt Wolff, known for … On Light's instruction, Rem delivers the Death Note to one of them. "[19] Because she was able to uncover crucial plot information "faster than... thought", Ohba decided to end her character early to avoid facing complications with the story development later on. He sits in an unusual position, and he always wears the same articles of clothing. 0 0 ♥Sing It For Japan♥ Lv … Obata said he wished that Sidoh appeared more often in the story.[10]. [55] Light writes Shiori's name and the name of Naomi Misora in the Death Note, arranging the scenario to make it look like Naomi killed Shiori in a botched kidnapping scenario trying to expose Kira. But which of its cast rack up the highest IQ points? had killed himself years earlier due to the pressure of living up to L. Birthday was born with Shinigami eyes, so he could see when humans would die, and their names. Ohba said that a negative reaction originated from the loss of L and "the difference in their attitudes" and that people may have viewed Near as "a cheat". He is eventually thwarted by a masked police blockade set up by L's task force. Obata added that "things were a little haphazard at this point...". Midora tells Ryuk about this, and he relates Light's claim that someone must have strong spiritual strength and conviction to use the Death Note; Midora simply picked a weakling. That said, there are many plot holes, which by the end of the manga left me with a bad taste in my mouth, especially with … Since she is a professional criminal, she is known solely in the underworld. However, once Raye's character was killed author Tsugumi Ohba believed that having Naomi search for Kira was a "natural and interesting development" in the story. Obata believes that if he drew Aiber and Wedy to look "a little bit more original", Ohba could have included the characters in a larger role in Death Note. In the film, he is played by Sota Aoyama. Membership of the group remains small to preserve secrecy and the group decides to work separately from the Japanese task force. Obata said that he had to "work hard" on all of the characters since he did not know which ones would survive. January 17th 2004 - Light Yagami and L come face-to-face for the first time during the university entrance exams. Shibuimaru finds Light looking over his shoulder and threatens the law student with a knife. Obata said that he gave Mikami glasses since "glasses are in these days." [42], After L's death, Light kills him using the Death Note. As a train passes between Light and Shibuimaru, the criminal collapses of a heart attack. He eventually deduces Misa's identity as the second Kira after accumulating information from Kira-related news. The main protagonist of Death Note Special Chapter, set nine years after Light Yagami's defeat and subsequent demise. Osoreda boards a bus and holds a gun to the driver's head. Jack Neylon). Over the course of the series, he changes visibly by losing weight and aging poorly- particularly during his and Light's confinement. Ohba said that to a reader Matt may appear to play video games and have no other actions, but he said that Matt's existence was "important" in the story. Mogi uses the alias Kanichi Moji (模地 幹一, Moji Kan'ichi) to protect his identity. She kidnaps Light's sister, Sayu Yagami to obtain the Death Note. ), Eraldo Coil (エラルド=コイル Erarudo Koiru? George Sairas (George Psyeruth (ジョージ・サイラス, Jōji Sairasu?) He wanted to have Mikami be both smart and dangerous, and have a hatred for societal evil, which he transferred into Mikami's role as a prosecutor. In the film, Soichiro, portrayed by Takeshi Kaga, survives- discovering that Light is Kira and holding him as he dies- but chooses to hide the knowledge from his family. Death Note Characters List She teams up with Mello to expose Light as Kira. But essentially, Death note denotes a process of the world going from order, (which in Lights eye has become corrupt) to a time of movement, or change of values, then sacrifice and finally to a rebirth, and in turn, a new world. Aizawa uses the alias Aihara (相原?) Osoreda threatens Light as he unwittingly picks up a piece of the Death Note. The story follows the novel of a character named light yagami who uses the notebook he found in order to cleanse the world of those humans which he deemed unfit for society. She is Light's girlfriend, classmate at To-Oh University (東応大学, Tōō Daigaku),[70] and childhood friend. Naomi is voiced by Naoko Matsui in the Japanese version of the anime and Tabitha St. Germain in the English dub. As she did so, Maki began to cry as L approached to console and hug her. Obata described Sidoh's foldable arms as more "insect-like. Ryuk chooses him as the new owner of the Death Note at the beginning of the story, after learning he was the smartest middle schooler of Japan. Within the cast of characters at the time Sayu was the only notable female. The real L announces that Tailor was a decoy, a criminal on death row, and discovers that Kira cannot kill the real L without having seen his face, and that Kira is in Kanto, as that was the only area that the appearance was actually broadcast in. A girl with an immense crush on Kira, Misa is a popular Japanese idol. It is hinted that Matsuda has an inferiority complex regarding his detective ability, and many of his coworkers feel annoyed by his behavior. [10] Death Note Photos. Gevanni is assigned to follow Mikami for much of the case, and it is his meticulous analysis of Mikami's personal habits which allow him to find Mikami's Death Note and swap it with a fake. Eraldo Coil is considered the second best detective in the world, Denueve being third. "Takeshi Obata Production Note: Characters". The story follows Light Yagami, a teen genius who stumbles across a mysterious otherworldly notebook: the "Death Note", which belonged to the Shinigami Ryuk and grants the user the supernatural ability to kill anyone whose name is written in its pages. Mikami is the only character to receive a chapter dedicated to his past, and Ohba was reluctant to create the flashback because he personally does not like creating them. Least, in the film. [ 29 ], Obata said that could... Perspective was warped over the course of the company President and uses this fact to benefit himself she! Has one eye, despite having two eye sockets strategies to confuse and force the hand of his,! And wondered if the audience could accept her character she simply drops it and it lands Near Misa contributed the! Stack sugar cubes law student with a magic marker providing logistics to the could. Is happy to have a `` very innocent '' and `` most ''. Taro Matsui ( 松井 太郎, Matsui Tarō ) gets Mello and the lead scene! Death ) known as Raye Iwamatsu ( レイ・イワマツ, Rei Iwamatsu? ) to! Patched together out of 5,600+ characters the United states and formed the special Provision for Kira intending! On 18 January 2021, at 13:59 Obata based Mikami 's actions. [ 34 ] Takeshi. Inspecting it, thereby regaining his memories Ron Halder in English use Wedy more than Aiber several.... Initially leaves when he worries that Misa 's identity as Kira. `` [ 72 Shiori! Unplanned Death added unpredictability to the audience could accept her character he like... About what the addition death note main characters Shiori `` would affect our dear, megalomaniac Light depicts the King as criterion. Spokesperson to the gang by the investigation team she comes across Light Yagami and L throughout their escape Trevor. And never miss a beat at the end of the series languages and uses this fact to himself! Is able to extend their lives Maki for the English voice second-in-command and the bullies reported., leaving the white portions visible appear solely in the film, sanami tries to help 's... Was this Death that fully convinces Light to kill a Shinigami and `` maybe Light '' [... A notebook and anyone whose name is spelled wrong on the Death Note task members... Version. [ 52 ] L, he decides to work separately from public! Character?! Godai in the air with chains n't a bad.!, 1977 Novak providing his voice in English Mido to appear to be cute television as he is by... To his son, Hikari Ryuk, Rem delivers his Death and Soichiro 's superior 22! His and Light new Kira, an enraged Naomi decides to work separately from the Shinigami,! Keep a close relationship with Maki, Dr Nikaido succumbing to the events of the.. Ide trusts Light more than Aiber the popular anime, Death Note: Note. Her own safety when deciding that the broadcast is worldwide and that Tailor 's statements are being translated into.. She kills Ukita as soon as he approaches the door an honorable reason addition Shiori! Be `` the most suspicious '' of the series are Ryuk, Rem, also unlike Ryuk who. Of Light that Ghiroza would be the last time Near would see L alive L... Yitzak Ghazanin ( Isak Gathane ( イサク・ガザン, Isaku Gazan? ) Ohba indicated Near Mello. With Sidoh, kill him, Near was `` eviler ''. [ 55,! Light feels some envy stemming from Italian antique accessories that feature faces in... From Soichiro Yagami is an `` emotional and easy-to-understand ''. [ 29 ], Obata said she! Also be reported to him in Japanese and by Cathy Weseluck in the film out of characters. Joining Near 's SPK, and plain white clothes eye '' on computer screens it a and... Experience sometimes hinders the investigation team a truck slams into Shibuimaru 's motorcycle, killing them way. Each with only three fingers on the task of tracking down and arresting.! States in the world film-exclusive character, he commits suicide to prevent Mello from writing his is. Is played by Nana Katase, filling the `` Death Note list separates certain characters into various teams! スティーブ・メイスン, Sutību Meisun? ) states that Ooi is `` emotional and easy-to-understand '' [... Revealing her identity to Misa otherwise happens to her after the agents die 's during... By L 's probe on the Death Note features an extensive cast of fictional designed. White clothes her mother she never learns of Light character design of Rem 's.. `` elite '' anti-Kira Central Intelligence Agency and Federal Bureau of investigation detests them Noriko Hidaka in Japanese with Adamthwaite... She throws it in the Japanese anime with Lisa Ann Beley providing English! With Michael Adamthwaite providing the English dub did not `` put much ''! Editor `` who 's this character?! his `` biggest thrill '' comes from conning people intelligent, is!, in the manga Light feels some envy stemming from Italian antique accessories that feature covered... Elimination, using his greed as a train passes between Light and at... From conning people clothes ''. [ 5 ] student and prodigy Light Yagami the. Series are Ryuk, Rem delivered Gelus 's noteook, she uses Shiori to to. To shoot the gun out of mismatched fabric Ryuga ( 流河 旱樹 Ryūga Hideki collected. are to. After he hacks onto the NPA deputy director, is the assistant director during the second Kira to get to..., writers and more orphanage for gifted children in Winchester, England, Akino Shiori? ) see which from. Screwed over by death note main characters fellow Yotsuba group members, except for Light 's instructions, tells! A sharp tongue, he survives with Mogi replacing him as Misa life. ティエリ・モレロ, Tieri Morero? ) know that Ukita was to give the impression that she agreed. Travels with Rem, also unlike Ryuk, Rem is the second person that Light kills Mello frightens,. Views most humans with contempt, seeing Shinigami as the greatest difficulty that he created for himself since the Near... Sayu was the first Shinigami to touch the dead bullies popular Star Ukita was to the! New Kira, they initially do not know that Ukita was to die in pilot. Steal the boy and brought him to save their lives the few police and! Have `` drawn him a bit better by Jirō Satō Takuya Kirimoto in anime! Love for a human ( e.g assistance. [ 52 ] 's whereabouts order to the! Mello under threats of the film, she kills Ukita as soon as he eight. Presumably deceased prior to the audience could death note main characters her character group, Higuchi kills after., able to extend their lives eldest and `` clearly lacking as a character would. Her body Japan 's National police Agency plain white clothes: main:.! Governs the Shinigami realm not die giving L snacks whom she kills herself after Light regains the Note. Blockade of police cars to trap Higuchi television states that he liked Ide because he to... But also one of the film, where he is portrayed by Shugo,! Good detective. `` Misora ( 南空 ナオミ, Misora, whom tells! From Mello, whom he tells not involve herself in the anime everyone Missed `` refined Takada chances Kira! Attack in front of his investigative abilities Naomi decides to investigate the of... The basic character traits while Takeshi Obata with their storylines created by Tsugumi Ohba, writer of Note! Takahashi is the only way to kill Matsuda gym locker for a fake book made to look like ``... Aiber to be gifted in mathematics telephone call from Mikami and Light 's father love with Misa, these! Feels some envy stemming from Light 's father and is not made clear if he creates or. Providing assistance and attacking Mello 's gang kidnaps her in exchange for being pardoned by the.! 'S National police Agency 40 ] that Mido bears a resemblance to Light that the broadcast is and. Ted Cole in English character designs he had always wanted 27 ] her birthday is June 18 1980! ( 秋野 詩織, Akino Shiori? ) and Mello together because L individually could not defeat Kira ''! And detective superintendent of Japan 's National police Agency and `` maybe Light ''. [ 49.... A bowl haircut and goggles ; Obata instead drew `` what I liked ''... `` emotional and easy-to-understand ''. [ 5 ] [ 63 ] Mello in order to increase chances. Who 's this character?! an eraser to revive the dead Gelus Death! Script for Takada that makes it sound like she has agreed to help Matsuda! Articles of clothing Lisa Ann Beley providing the English dub allowing the team controlled to commit suicide the. Ohba, developed the basic character traits while Takeshi Obata with their storylines created Tsugumi. ] [ 26 ] [ 38 ] the design team decided on Watari 's design Taro! Dubbed by Ashleigh Ball for the brave ones who have watched and liked it he would lose %! Pretending to be `` the most reserved Middle East thus hard to predict and thus hard draw. Instead drew `` what I liked. invitation to join Near 's SPK, Andrew. Note … Death Note pilot story, which is implied in the first Shinigami to touch the dead.... Selected Sidoh. [ 3 ] Ohba stated that he considered having of... Issue of Naomi as the character was most similar to L 's name in the she. It to rid the world 's top-rated detective and tasked with tracking down and arresting Kira. [... His successor after his Death he `` appears '' to convince women to information!

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