Rhyme and Law: Legal Insights in a Rap Style

Yo, listen up, I got the lowdown for ya

From Japan inheritance tax to what’s legit and proper

Hit up the Japan inheritance tax calculator with no delay

Just input the digits and you’ll be on your way

Sign that electronic file release form before you share

Cover your tracks, make sure it’s all there

So many types of corporate law, you best know the score

Don’t get caught slipping, understand it all, for sure

Dig deep, find the difference between deed of sale and agreement of sale

Legal jargon is deep, but knowledge is like bail

On the lookout for banks that lend to contractors for your business growth

Finance your dreams, make those moves and take an oath

When in doubt, call up Fortis Law for expert advice

They’ll guide you right, no need to think twice

Watch out for the right color headlights that are legal in California

Stay compliant, avoid fines, and stay slicker

Sign that LLC membership withdrawal agreement with care

Know what you’re getting into, be aware

When it’s love, check the South Dakota marriage laws

Legalities of love, nothin’ to shove

When in Cali, sort that contractor agreement right

Stay legit, no need for a legal fight